* All companies registered with ROC / MCA are required to file their Annual Financial statements and Annual Returns with the Registrar of Companies. Non-filing is an offence under Companies Act, 2013 which can lead to prosecution and imprisonment of its directors. Besides, the directors of such company(s) are also disqualified for a continuous period of three years.


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“Corporate Health Check-Up” when performed correctly, is an assessment process of your company to ensure compliance.

It could improve your business, and for relatively low costs save you untold amounts of money. It could also improve your business processes by taking a close look at your current methods and suggesting appropriate corrective measures.

Conscientia Consultancy assists in performing a professional due diligence to monitor the health of your company.

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Conscientia Law Associates


Managing Litigations can be time consuming, very tedious and can, at time be highly disoriented. What you require is a professional team that would not only support your legal department, reduce operational costs and also ensures all cases are professionally tracked and documented.

For all your Legal needs, Litigation/non-Litigation or advisory needs, Conscientia Law Associates offers a wide range of Legal Services.

Conscientia Law Associates manages all your consumer cases with an in-house developed “Consumer Litigation Management” process management product that ensures end-to-end management of Consumer Litigation cases with MIS reports.

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