Conscientia Consumer Litigation Management (CCLM)

In a litigation business, clients often face many challenges. Defending and pursuing claims, resolving contract disputes, representation at judicial forums can often leave a client frustrated and powerless.

Litigation management of today is more of Lawyer management. Clients require managing lawyers like any other vendors.

CCLM provides an umbrella of assistance, advisory, support and facilitating successful litigations and lawsuits.

Conscientia Consumer Litigation Management is process that ensures has lesser level of headaches while handling a litigation case.

Why Conscientia Consumer Litigation Management

  • CCLM provide a single point of contact for all Monitoring & Communication with Clients, Lawyers & Court.
  • CCLM is a process that assures Continuity in Cases.
  • CCLM provides MIS Reports for better Information Structuring
  • CCLM manages Consumer Litigation by structuring and assuring proper Continuity of the cases.
  • Ensures Cost is properly accounted

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