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Labour Compliance

Compliance with Labour and Industrial Laws has gathered enormous momentum in the last few years. Especially compliance with respect to employees employed through Contractors and off-roll employees is getting more challenging because the Law recognizes principal employer as the one who is responsible in case the contractor fails to comply. This area has assumed significant importance from a risk management perspective considering the legal implications and reputational risks attached with non-compliance. Moreover, ‘Labour Laws’ is a very specialized area, requiring additional managerial attention over and above the routine internal audit function.

How we can help:

  • Assuring proper compliances with various Labour Laws including Contract Labour compliances
  • In-depth checking of bills submitted by Contractor Agencies with respect to employees employed through contractors / off-roll employees to evaluate adherence with terms of contract, submission of necessary evidences as proof of payment, billing as per agreed rates to ensure there is no under / over recovery
  • Verification of payroll sheets submitted by the Vendors to ensure correct calculation of salary payable and statutory deductions in line with applicable Central and State Government laws
  • Verification of challans / returns / records to ensure proper compliance
  • Due diligence review for the appointment of Contractor Agency to ensure that the Agency meets the desired compliance requirements
  • Labour Law Compliances
    • PF, ESI compliances
    • Shops & Establishment registrations
  • Preparation of Employee hand book/ HR Policy in compliance with respective state labour laws
  • Drafting/vetting of Employment Agreement, Non disclosure agreement, Bond for trainees and junior employees
  • Drafting/vetting of Offer Letter to the prospective employee
  • Drafting of Appointment Letter, Relieving Drafting of Appointment Letter and No Due Certificate

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