Conscientia NRI Services is a professional Legal Management Company that offers a proactive, responsive and hassle free legal services to overseas Indians.

Our services are designed to cater to clients effectively recognizing their inability to travel back and forth to India to pursue/supervise their legal matters.

Conscientia has vast experience in serving NRI Customers and are poised to handle large volume of cases. We build relations by maintaining a steady contact and communication with our clients.

Our NRI Services include:

  • provide legal opinion on a range of property matters:
    1. title Scrutiny
    2. Review of a sale transaction or partition,
    3. Gifting properties,
    4. Settlement hassles,
    5. Inheritance matters in the event of a dispute or itigation
  • Agreement / Deed Drafting
  • Extracting Previous Sale Deed copy
  • Procuring Latest Property Tax Payment Receipt copy,
  • Procuring Khata Certificate & Extract copy
  • Rental Agreement Assistance
  • Khata Issuance/Transfer
  • Encumbrance Certificate(EC) Procurement
  • Property Tax Payment
  • Electricity Utility Name Transfer
  • Company Formation
  • Share Certificate Allotment/Transfer
  • Accounting & Auditing for India Company
  • Due-Diligence for India Company
  • Filling India Statutory Taxes

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