“Discover a World of Opportunities”

Beyond Boundaries

Joining Conscientia means an opportunity to explore your potential and the joy of working alongside the finest minds. It’s an inspiring combination of growth prospects, fair play and a great work culture that makes Conscientia an exciting place to be in.

Benefits of Joining Conscientia

Our responsibility does not stop at salaries and compensation alone. We offer all possible help to facilitate your budding career. We provide the best learning experience with an inspiring team that leaves no stone upturned to ensure you have an exciting time with us.


We believe in 360-degree appraisal systems that help provide feedback at all levels helping in your overall development. This open-minded approach ensures your position is decided upon by a fair and open merit system and not by any extraneous factors.

Our Culture

Conscientia is guided by our culture, the Spirit of Conscisntia as we say. Though it is embedded in the current reality, it denotes what we want to be. It embodies with our spirit to win, our intentions to act with sensitivity and our need to uphold integrity at all times.

Attitude to WIN

We aspire to be the best, and pursue to be the best. We would innovate, encourage, and excel as a team. our philosophy would be "I win when my team wins; My team wins when Conscientia wins"

Sensitive to All

We respect Individuals. We trust and act thoughtfully, with responsibility, empathy ... with sensitivity.

Unwavering Integrity

We will not compromise on integrity. We will commit and will do everything to deliver our commitment. We are ethical beyond doubt, to be fair and honest in our actions.

Apply Here : hr@conscientia.in